High Performance Culture Fundamentals

In today’s super‐competitive and fast‐paced business environment, every organization, and each team, must co-create a high performance culture wherein people are motivated and inspired to perform at higher levels in order to match the demands of opportunity and scale to achieve lasting success.

A High Performance Culture reinforces the Vision and core set of Values of the organization by providing a strategic alignment.  Alignment leads to improved performance, as well as increased productivity and bottom‐line results. High Performance Cultures within successful organizations consistently demonstrate the following core competencies:

       LEADERSHIP mobilizes energy and drives the pursuit of greatness

       COACHING improves individual performance and achievement

       TEAMWORK intensifies the power of collective action and reflects synergy

       OPEN COMMUNICATION revitalizes and re-energizes the team 

       TRUST draws people together

These 5 core competencies map the journey to building a High Performance Culture, and the emergence of some key attributes will signal the organization/team’s arrival at its destination:

Building a High Performance Culture through a shared Vision and core set of Values provides employees at all levels in the organization with the knowledge, skills and tools to access the current culture, identify areas for improvement, and actively participate in creating a culture that promotes and advances the individual, team and organization in performing at a high level.